Sam Upshaw

Sam Upshaw is living his dream. Like a kid in a candy store, each morning brings another day full of the music he lives and breathes "Pure Country Music". A former farmer/gun store owner and lifetime country music connoisseur, he’s the operator, Morning Show host and driving force behind one of the fastest growing Country music stations in Texas.

Sam Upshaw Bio Picture

KEQX Pure Country has exploded on the classic country music scene, playing a unique mix of traditional Texas country artists, along with the national artists that have stayed the course and stood the test of time.

Sams’ vision of what rural Texans want to hear stems from his own experience putting in 12 hour days on a tractor with the radio his only companion.  His perception has proved right, with the popularity of the station growing in leaps and bounds.

Taking it one step further and adding worldwide streaming on the web, Pure Country is proving to be more than just a rural Texas phenomenon. Listeners from all across the airwaves appreciate the traditional classics stemming from a time when the music and lyrics came from the heart, and had tunes you could sing along with. As long as Sam is on the microphone, Classic, Pure Country music will have a place on your radio dial.